STARLIGHT shines at ToolFest2023

With a mission to “Enhance the EU’s strategic autonomy in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) for law enforcement agencies (LEAs),” STARLIGHT has been the talk of ToolFest since its grand launch. Spearheaded by the dynamic Project Manager Evaldas, STARLIGHT is at the forefront of technological evolution, reshaping the landscape of security research. Its ultimate goal? To arm European law enforcement agencies with the most advanced AI tools available.

Make your way to the demonstration zone at the SQUARE Brussels Convention Centre, 2nd floor, Studio 204, to witness firsthand the mind-blowing potential of STARLIGHT’s AI tools. While the event is already buzzing with excitement, STARLIGHT promises to continue illuminating ToolFest with its groundbreaking innovations today and tomorrow.

This year’s ToolFest is dedicated to highlighting various innovative projects in security research, with STARLIGHT among the notable participants. The event underscores a commitment to fostering not only secure but also technologically advanced communities and law enforcement. The diverse array of tools and technology exhibited at ToolFest stands as a tangible testament to the remarkable achievements and ongoing initiatives of the participating projects.

Far from your typical tech showcase, ToolFest is an immersive experience into the future of security research, with STARLIGHT making it’s way. Exploring the nuances of STARLIGHT’s advanced technologies isn’t just about observation; it’s an active involvement in sculpting the path toward the future.

As proud contributors to this tech revolution, we eagerly anticipate the impact STARLIGHT will have in revolutionizing AI and security. Stay tuned for more exhilarating updates!