Acronym: SecurIT

Title: New industrial value chain for Safe, sECure and Resilient cIties and Territories

Grant Agreement No: 101005292

Funding Scheme: H2020, INNOSUP-01-2018-2020 – Cluster facilitated projects for new industrial value chains

Duration: 36 months

Consortium:  8 partners/clusters,  6 countries

Start date: September 1, 2021

About:  The security sector is considerably evolving, by adapting the offer to the risk and threats and by permanently aggregating emerging innovations. The digital is disrupting this industry, by adding new capacities and new threats. The security sector is very fragmented. SecurIT aims to create a new global competitive security industrial (product & service) value chain by supporting a better integration of innovative security systems, with a cross-sectoral and European approach, to support the time to market optimization, the integration of privacy and security by design at all steps of maturity, with a cross-border collaboration between SMEs and other RDI actors.

More details about the SecurIT: SecurIT _Key_information.

Project website; SecurIT in CORDIS.