Acronym: EU-HYBNET

Title: Empowering a Pan-European Network to Counter Hybrid Threats

Funding Scheme: H2020

Grant Agreement No: 883054

Duration: 60 months

Project Coordinator: Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

Consortium: 26 partners, 14 countries

Start date: May 1, 2020

EU-HYBNET (Empowering a Pan-European Network to Counter Hybrid Threats) project aims to empower its network to fight against hybrid threats by proliferating knowledge and facilitating cooperation between industry, practitioners and academia, and by providing advanced solutions for network collaboration and delivering recommendations for training, standardization and industrialization of cutting-edge innovations.

The main project objectives are:

  1. To enrich existing network countering hybrid treats and ensure long term sustainability.
  2. To define common requirements that can fill knowledge gaps, deal with performance needs, and enhance capabilities of research, innovation and training endeavours concerning hybrid treats.
  3. To monitor developments in research and innovation activities as applied to hybrid treats.
  4. To indicate priorities for innovation uptake and industrialization and to determine priorities for standardisation for empowering the Pan-European network to effectively counter hybrid treats.
  5. To establish conditions for enhanced interaction with practitioners, industry and academia for meaningful dialogue and for increasing membership in the network.
  6. To foster capacity building and knowledge exchange on countering hybrid treats.
  7. To create a basis for establishing effective synergies with existing European, national and sub-national networks of practitioners and other actors countering hybrid treats.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No883054.