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The Internet of Things is the present

The environment of IT devices and the Internet has become commonplace in our lives, from computers and smartphones that we use ourselves to devices and sensors that we don’t notice but that surround us on a daily basis. Manufacturing, healthcare, energy and water supply, transport, logistics, trade, goods monitoring and flow management, media, security and so on. – In virtually all areas of life and in all sectors of the economy, management and monitoring take place via the Internet and networked digital devices. More details >>

Traces of crime in cyberspace. How are they studied?

At the division of forensic science at Vilnius county police headquarters the main objects that are investigated are desktop PCs, laptops, computer networks, and cellphones. Moreover, special attention is paid to cybercrime investigation. Considering the importance of the criminal offenses committed, and the help provided by forensic department specialists in solving them, Vilnius county police headquarters began giving extra training for criminal police officers. More details >>

Privacy, Risk, Information protection and Social Network Site Using Behavior in a Sample of Flemish University Students by Horvath, Z. , Bogaerts, S. Sijtsema, J., & Demeyer, K.

Hundreds of millions of people from all age categories use social network sites and share a wide range and enormous amount of information of themselves and others, such as personal details and connections with friends, often without realizing the potential privacy, security and profiling risks they take. More details >>