Overview of the Project EAGLE Conference “Cybersecurity assurance opportunities for SMEs”

On 8th of May 2024, the “Cybersecurity Assurance Opportunities for SMEs” conference was held at Didlaukio g. 55, Vilnius, primarily focused on the introduction and discussion of the Project EAGLE initiative. This event specifically targeted the cybersecurity challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Project EAGLE, co-funded by the EU, aims to support SMEs manpower in covering the gap in digital skills. L3CE’s role is to provide training for enhancing SMEs cybersecurity measures. As the central theme of the conference, the project seeks to equip SMEs with the necessary tools and knowledge to defend against cyber threats.

The conference featured in-depth discussions on recognizing and protecting against new cyber dangers, supplemented by expert advice and thorough case studies. The conference also included comprehensive reviews of current trends in cybersecurity and regulatory updates to ensure attendees are fully aware of the evolving landscape and compliance requirements. L3CE’s course “Cybercrime, Cyberthreats, and Cybersecurity” was introduced aswell. The course is designed to help businesses understand and mitigate the risks posed by cybercrime and be more cyber resilient in general. The first training session was announced for June 18-19, focusing on practical cybersecurity strategies.

A significant component of the conference was the networking session, aimed at fostering collaboration among SMEs and cybersecurity experts. This session provided an opportunity for attendees to share experiences and discuss best practices in cyber defense.

The Project EAGLE conference provided a critical platform for SMEs to gain insights into effective cybersecurity practices and to prepare for the specific challenges they face in the digital arena. The project represents a concerted effort to equip SMEs with the necessary resources to safeguard their operations. The upcoming training in June is part of a broader initiative to provide ongoing support and education to SMEs striving to improve their digital skills.