About L3CE

Back in 2013, founders of L3CE have combined the members from academia and business, and established first national center of excellence in the fields of cybersecurity and fighting cybercrime while at the same time joining the international Cybercrime Centers of Excellence Network for Training Research and Education. This network unites more than ten centers from various countries throughout European Union and enables access for law enforcement agencies to the network’s resources (training programs, forensic tools, and other advanced inventions created by scientists and researchers) which are then employed in cybercrime investigations. Institutions of European Union, Europol, Joint Research Centre, and E.C.T.E.G coordinate the actions of the network and actively promote and maintain scientific programs to enhance public safety.

“L3CE should become the gateway for competence acquisition in the fight against cybercriminals in Lithuania and the whole Baltic region, therefore, Lithuanian and foreign LEAs could use the developed methods and tools”, said Gintas Umbrasas CEO of EKT.

“In the fight against cybercrime cooperation between EU and Lithuanian LEAs is crucial. We must capitalize on the achievements of national governmental institutions, enterprises, and academia, also exchange knowledge and also use best practice from other members of the EU. The emergence of L3CE is a right way towards deeper collaboration between Lithuanian LEAs and science community” said, Stasys Vaitkevičius, Vice-Rector for Development at Mykolas Riomeris University