GRACE presented at ToolFest2023 in Brussels

In the dynamic hub of Brussels, the spotlight was squarely on the GRACE project at this year’s ToolFest. GRACE takes center stage, showcasing its advanced capabilities to a captivated audience.

GRACE – Empowering Law Enforcement Against Child Exploitation

The GRACE project, short for “Global Response Against Child Exploitation,” is a vital component of L3CE’s contributions at ToolFest. Committed to equipping European law enforcement agencies with advanced analytical and investigative tools, GRACE addresses the alarming spread of online child sexual exploitation material.

The GRACE project embodies our commitment to creating safer communities and tackling critical security challenges head-on. The tools and technology on display at ToolFest highlight the significant strides GRACE has made in combatting online child exploitation.

As we navigate the SQUARE Brussels Convention Centre, on the 2nd floor, Studio 204, GRACE’s team is actively engaging attendees, showcasing the remarkable capabilities that contribute to a safer digital environment for children.

This year’s ToolFest is more than a demonstration of innovation; it’s a testament to the perseverance and dedication of all the teams involved. Exploring the advanced technologies showcased by GRACE, we not only witness the present but actively shape the future of security research.

Being part of this groundbreaking initiative fills us with pride, and we eagerly anticipate the ongoing contributions of GRACE in the realm of AI and security.