EU-HYBNET’s 3rd Training Session: A Collaborative Leap Forward in Countering Hybrid Threats

Vilnius, January 19, 2024

Marking a significant milestone in the collective effort to safeguard Europe’s security, the EU-HYBNET network recently concluded its 3rd Training Session on January 18-19. This significant event united experts and practitioners from diverse sectors across Europe, underscoring the importance of multi-disciplinary collaboration in anticipating and mitigating the multifaceted nature of hybrid threats.

The session was enriched by insightful guest presentations on ‘Content Moderation on Media Platforms,’ offering strategies to maintain integrity in digital communication, ‘Future Development Scenarios,’ providing foresight into evolving security challenges, and a ‘Fresh Look at Hybrid Threats,’ encouraging a reevaluation of current defense frameworks.

Following these thought-provoking discussions, participants engaged in an interactive scenario-based game, a practical and engaging method that sharpened their strategic skills and readiness to tackle hybrid threats. The collaborative nature of the game mirrored the session’s emphasis on the collective effort required to effectively counter these complex challenges.

The event’s agenda delved into four core themes, each addressing a crucial aspect of the hybrid threat landscape. ‘Future Trends of Hybrid Threats’ examined the evolving dynamics of security threats, emphasizing the need for adaptive strategies. ‘Cyber & Future Technologies’ highlighted the technological frontiers of defense, acknowledging the growing significance of digital resilience. The ‘Information and Strategic Communication’ theme focused on the power of narratives and the need for robust communication strategies to counter misinformation. Lastly, ‘Resilient Civilians, Local Level National Administration’ underlined the importance of community-level preparedness and the role of local governance in fortifying societal resilience.

The diversity of expertise and perspectives at the 3rd Training Session exemplified the session’s core message: countering hybrid threats requires a unified approach, integrating knowledge and experiences from various sectors. The EU-HYBNET network’s commitment to fostering such an inclusive and proactive environment is not just a response to current challenges but a forward-looking strategy to ensure Europe’s security and resilience in an increasingly complex world.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No883054