LionDC Closing Conference

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming two-day online closing event organized by the LION-DC consortium, which will take place on June 7-8, 2021 14:00-17:00 CEST. The agenda of the event can be found here.

Considering your interest on Security, Fight against Crime and Terrorism, Fight against Cybercrime and Fight against illegal traffickin fields, you are invited to join as a valuable attendee of this informative yet interactive online event organised by LION-DC Consortium.

What is LION-DC?
The Lion DC project aims to provide Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) with new skills, methodologies and tools in the fight against drug trafficking, given major discernible shifts in the utilisation of digital environments (eg. traditional social media) regarding distribution and sale of drugs such as the increasingly widespread use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies by organized crime. In order to enhance LEA capacity to identify the flow of drugs and key players involved, either to thwart criminal activity or to determine guilt after the fact, the project will: test the efficiency, unique capabilities, and shortfalls in the use of various forms of technology, as well as Open Source Intelligence Tools (OSINT); penetrate the Dark Web; develop novel ways of going beyond the
widely used “follow the money” principle; and augment the identification and description of criminals by collating a wide range of sources, both open and closed. The key activity of the Lion DC initiative is real, case based, cross border exercising in drug criminality, which will be enacted by LEA practitioners, providing opportunities for LEA together with academia to share expertise, methodologies and analytical capabilities; and to identify available tools and rank them on their feasibility and usefulness.

Why attend the LION-DC closing conference?
After almost 28 months of implementation LION-DC project is coming to an end. In the LION-DC closing conference, we are going to present the project’s various outcomes and findings, which were mainly focused on the fight against online drug crimes. More specifically, in this online event, the project’s five work packages will be presented along with the most important findings and outcomes each one extracted, in order to disseminate, in the best possible way, the acquired knowledge to all interested parties. Additionally, the second day of the closing conference will be dedicated to the promotion of collaboration among EU funded projects of similar interest. To that cause, various other projects that are actively involved in fields such as fight against crime and terrorism, cybercrime, and illegal transactions will participate in the part of the conference. The purpose of the presentations is to raise awareness, promote cooperation among EU funded projects and share results and knowledge. This part will also be a great opportunity to exploit the chances for future partnerships among various organizations and get informed about the latest news and priorities of European Commission in the field. Last but not least, there will be keynote speeches during both days of the conference which will offer valuable insights and knowledge to all attendees.

It will be our great honor to have you as our guest and we hope you accept the invitation to attend this event. Registration is mandatory both for organizational and security reasons and the form below should be completed by both speakers and participants. You may register for the closing conference by following this link:

For any other inquiries you may contact the consortium through:

Thank you for considering our invitation and we are looking forward to seeing you in our webinar.

Kindest Regards,
the LION DC Consortium

LION DC project is funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police, under grant
agreement no 822616