EAGLE Project: Focus Group on  Cybercrime, Cyberthreats and Cybersecurity Training Course for SMEs

Lithuanian Cybercrime Center of Excellence for Training, Research and Education (hereinafter L3CE) led a focus group of SME’s, academia and professionals to discover relevant aspects for developing highly practical training courses for SME’s in the field of cybercrime, cyberthreats and cybersecurity.

Participants of the focus group focused on practical aspects of cybersecurity in SMEs, as significant constraints must be considered – SMEs are and will be facing lack of cybersecurity competencies.

A consensus emerged among all members of focus group that the course should raise awareness of cybersecurity among all employees and management. Moreover, it was agreed that the course should equip participants with fundamental competencies in the field:

  • trainings must be based on highly practical, instrumental and low sophistication cybersecurity frameworks;
  • include practice how to recognize cyber threats;
  • elaborate on procedures in the event of a cyber incident, how to leverage external help.

Outcomes of focus groups will be used to develop highly relevant training courses for SMEs.

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