22nd European Police Congress, February 19th & 20th 2019, Berlin

The European Police Congress is the largest annual conference concerned with internal security in the European Union. It is a meeting place for about 1.500 experts from over 20 countries. Representatives of police authorities, border police, secret services, as well as governments, parliaments and industry, regularly attend this major event.

This year’s theme was Focus Europe: Migration – Integration – Security and particular attenton was paid to the issue of integration.  As safety is considered to be a high priority, clearly, security authorities in Europe will have to work harder on prevention, and include local district authorities together with those representing social and educational domains, creating common strategies and acting together, in order to achieve integration.  The Security System in Europe has to operate like one unit!

The European Police Congress was organized by the independent “Behörden Spiegel”,  the highest-circulation newspaper targeting the public sector in Germany with a readership of close to 114,000 that includes not only the federal capitol of Berlin but effectively every municipality and district in the country.

Egidija Versinskiene – Director, Lithuanian Cybercrime Center of Excellence for Training Research and Education (L3CE), participated in a panel discussion entitled Cybercrime: current phenomena and challenges and introduced L3CE’s latest initiatives in the field of Information Warfare.