The project L3CE received the funding from the European ISEC Program.

Project Description 

The L3CE project builds upon the outcomes of previous project for Cybercrime Centres of Excellence Network for Training, Research and Education (2Centre), funded under ISEC.
The project's major objective is to improve the results in fighting against cybercrime (CC) in Lithuania as well as international CC in the East Baltic Region & the EU. To achieve that this project focuses on:
- Increase competence: to establish good training& educational base for long lasting change in competence development & maintenance in CC;
- Be up to date. To bring newest developments to LT & assure constant innovation by facilitation of interdisciplinary R&D;
- Collaborate locally: to bridge public &private sectors & magnify the results by bundling the expertise& forces of academia, researchers, public sector & businesses in LT;
- Collaborate internationally: join EU network of CC centres & participate in common developments, collaboration activities;
- Improve Mutual Understanding: establish SPOC for CC professionals to exchange the knowledge; to implement knowledge& skills recognition via certification programmes; facilitate collaboration among LT LEA, other national authorities & related EU bodies like European CC Centre at Europol, CERTA, CERT;
- Faster results and changes: more coordinated & focused competence, skills & tools development activities by joint inter-institutional & cross-border projects; adoption & implementation of already developed by other EU MS training programmes, frameworks, standards & tools instead of independent new developments;
- Higher awareness & knowledge sharing: to consolidate, promote in centralised way & facilitate maximum audience reach of available recent individual, national & international achievements & developments;
- Sustainable results: in order to make all of this working for long time – to establish Lithuanian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence for Training, Research and Education (LC3E), as CC PPP, as part of EU network of CC Centres of Excellence, as communication gateway for CC experts, as R&D centre.

The project results: L3CE established, operational model for L3CE, strategy, rules & policies developed, a fully functioning L3CE portal & repository, cooperation at EU level started, 5 training modules available, 10 trained LE trainers available, Forensic Open Source Tools (FOST) Laboratory, R&D activities performed & results shared, 2 adapted Forensic tools ready for use, tool validation’s documents, instruction manuals/training packs for each tool, 2 certification programmes for LEA, L3CE promoted at EU level via publication of information about developments at 2Centre network portal, EUROPOL & national CC CE websites, placement at L3CE repository.