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People Encouraging Racism and Hatred to Be Prosecuted

Lithuanian civil society organizations and public authorities still have much to do in reducing intolerance. Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights has repeatedly expressed concern about the growing racism and xenophobia in Lithuanian society.

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It is a Sad Situation Regarding Human Rights That Inspires Change

The state does not want a strong Equal Opportunities Ombudsman’s Office – “90 percent of victims do not turn to public authorities when their rights are violated "- said representatives of the coalition of human rights organizations during the press conference at the Parliament, which was held to commemorate the International Human Rights Day. Survey published by Lithuanian Human Rights Monitoring Institute indicated that people do not expect their rights can be defended.
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Good News to NGOs during the National Police Day

After taking in consideration what NGOs from Lithuania and other European countries were addressing, Police department has changed its long-term discriminatory provisions regarding the fight against terrorism which segregated radical Islam from all other religions.
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Internet of Things (IoT) Features (Digital Rights)

More than 25 years ago, one American telecommunications company has envisioned that soon we will use incredible new technologies – e-books, GPS and tablets whereas wireless communication will enable working and socializing while not at home. Now these innovations are used on daily basis, however, do we know what is there for us in the near future? Will these technologies be able to protect our private information?
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Can Google Forget Us? (Digital Rights)

Modern data acquisition and processing volumes threaten individual privacy. The largest search engine in the world, Google, receives more than 40 thousand requests per second and carries over 3.5 billion searches per day. Can we demand that this search engine would "forget" what they know about us?
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Europe Against Facebook: Why, How and Whether It is Really Possible? (Digital Rights)

Have you tried to calculate how many times a day you press the Like button or comment on various records? Have you noticed that on your Facebook profile, you can find conversations with friends dating even a few years back? Would you believe that all your Facebook data can be transferred to the State Security Department or a similar institution in another country? Probably most of us would not even consider it.
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Social Networks: How to Avoid Threats and Protect Your Data? (Digital Rights)

Social networks have become an integral part of our lives - every day we are accustomed to checking our Facebook account a few dozen times, or uploading a new photo to Instagram and marking a new professional competency on LinkedIn. Every day, more than 1.61 billion consumers’ (2013 data) "digital footprints" are left online which are then indefinitely stored in databases and is the main source of income for social networking websites.
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MRU News

Dec. 13th, 2014, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) held the second Digital Content Academy workshop where 2nd Academy level was introduced where participants were presented with the basics of programming.
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Cyber Security Coalition: Uniting the business sector, the academic world and the public authorities against cybercrime

B-CCENTRE has announced the establishment of the Cyber Security Coalition. The coalition unites more than 50 key players from the three sectors in the fight against cybercrime. Yet the fight against cybercrime is still being conducted in a highly fragmented way. Progress in this field can only be made if all parties involved work together. Uniting the business sector, the academic world and the public authorities is the goal of the Cyber Security Coalition, using the expertise of the B-CCENTRE as a coordination, collaboration and knowledge sharing platform.
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